Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy days

This is my latest project for hanikira. It's a plaid hi-low dress for cute little girl.
i love this plaid white and purple pattern. Sewing it so challenging i must say >.< the bodice come with cotton lining, so comfortable &breathable perfect for your baby.
I add 3 cute buttons at the bodice and used scrap from previous project to make a cute pocket.

uols boleh order at 
Available for 0-18m baby. I will upload the details at hanikira blog soon sebab tengah finalize the correct measurement. Meantime uolss just mention umur baby and length of the skirt yang uolss nak.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY: Little Girl's Reversible Crossover Pinafore

I had so much fun working on this sewing project over the weekend. 
I love pinafore because i think it's cute, but for this project i make a little twist by doing it crossover at the back and also reversible! It's means little girl can wear it both sides. so jimat!

Ok so i used these two cute English Cotton Fabric. These fabrics also available for purchase at hanikira in case you want to make one.
This is how the pinafore looks like. so cute ;)

Jom tengok Hani gayakan pinafore ni.
Hani get dressed in this new pinafore during a stroll at the park.
Team it with a long sleeve shirt for a day out at shopping mall.
the crossover back.
Reverse it for a bright green polka dots print. I think this super cute worn over a short sleeves shirt.
oh yeah!

Ok uolss bole pre-order this reversible crossover pinafore now or buy above fabrics if you want to sew yourself.
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